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Hacienda Don Julian

Story of Hacienda Don Julian

It was a rainy day in 1999, I and my husband, Dr. Richard D. Burneskis walked into one property located in Boquete, Panama. All we could see were trees and weeds, including some virgin forest, and no coffee. We knew immediately if somebody don’t take care of this forest, it will be all disappear in a matter of time, to be cut for sale.

Without any hesitation, we bought this property in 20 minutes which it tried to sell for years of no offer. After buying the huge property, 42 hectares (420,000M or 105 acres) we didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do. One of our friends told us that it will be good for coffee.

All we could think was that it would be nice if we can start the day with our own coffee, and protect the environment, how naive people we were. Because the farm had obstacles, too high altitude, 1,600M-2,000M, too cold, nothing grew.

After failing so many times, one of our friends introduced the person who is working for the U.N as a director of the agriculture laboratory. She had heard carefully about our problem and told us that pacamara would be good but we need not the same exist, something different for high altitude, and she would create one for us.

Almost 1and a half years later, she brought us new coffee seeds, the first pacamara in Panama that can survive in very cold temperatures, and it was free, UN paid.

In 2022, we have 25,000 geishas, 65,000 pacamaras, and 12,000 typicas, and it will grow every year.

Since I and my husband started our farm, we have worked tirelessly for the environment with coffee.  As result, 42 hectares of natural friendly panoramic view will take your breath away, I guarantee it

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At Hacienda Don Julian

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"On our farm, all you can hear are wind and water sounds (a big creek going thru the farm) and birds chirping sound, it is 100% pollution-free.

Thousands of trees are in incredible harmony with coffee, it is not only beautiful, but also prevents disease and needs less fertilization because trees give coffee protection and nutrition, and us, too."

I have to show the world that we don’t have to cut trees to have coffee, but protecting the environment helps to have more and better coffee.
As evidence, our coffee has won so many big awards.

Hacienda Don Julian is a single woman, Korean-American, owned a coffee farm since my beloved husband and co-founder of Hacienda Don Julian has been passed away in 2004.

It is not easy but I keep working on my mission to preserve the environment with happiness, because of so much support(buying our coffee) from all of the world, thank you.


We have only one planet to live on and have to give to the next generations.

It is our responsibility to protect it.
Please stop cutting trees, and destroying the environment!

Thank you and God bless,

Heakyung Kang Burneskis
Hacienda Don Julian C.E.O

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What We Do

We Make Nature Smile

Hacienda Don Julian protects the environment.

Our Farm is among trees, and wild animals which contribute to the excellence of coffee Quality.



Forest Wilderness

Coffee Flowers


Look Deep Into Nature

You can see our Coffe Plants embeded into nature in true harmony

1600 - 2000 meters high

High altitude Coffee

Our Mision

Work Harmoniously with Local Indigenous People

Study Nature, Love Nature

We love to keep nature as it is

Local Happiness

If the local people are happy with our farm, then we can name this place a success

Come to Panama, Boquete and appreciate Coffee within Nature

Since 1999 Hacienda Don Julian have being in continous development and improvement of its farm and coffee quality.

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