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A Few Words About Hacienda Don Julian

It was a rainy day in 1998 and my late husband, Dr. Richard D. Burneskis, and I drove to one farm in Boquete, Panama.

When we saw this farm, no coffee, just weeds and trees, we immediate falling in love with, because of thousands of trees.

We knew if somebody buys this farm, they will cut trees to sell, because some of trees are very valuable for lumber.

For the record, my husband and I have been involved preserve environment for decades in USA.

We bought this farm in 20 minutes.

Birth of Hacienda Don Julian, Hallelujah!

The Difficulties

But there was problem that it was too high, 1,600m to 2,000m, little  grows.

At that time coffee experts told us that coffee will grow under 1,500m,  impossible if  higher,.

After we had failed for 2 years, we were introduced to a coffee laboratory run by UN, through mutual friends of the director.

When we had a meeting , she asked us to give them 2 years to create new coffee seed for higher altitudes.

But she only took 1 and half years to delivered these special coffee seeds to us.

She said that new seeds are a family of pacamara, but different than the  existing ones.

Oh, we didn’t have to  pay for the seeds at all, because this laboratory is paid  for by UN.

Pacamara Plants
Geisha Plants
Typica Plants


Today, Hacienda Don Julian has 60,000 pacamara, 15,000 geisha, 10,000 typica plants on site.

Our pacamara has won many awards including Best of Panama, so has our Typica…. .Our geisha are still young but very healthy.

This farm has not only the best coffee, but also has absolutely protected environment, 100% pollution free.

I guarantee you that our 50 hectares (500,000 square meters) of natural friendly view will take your breath away.

Thousands of trees have incredible harmony with coffee plants, all we can hear are birds chipping sound, water sound( a small river run thru this farm), and wind sound.

Many visitors told me that Hacienda Don Julian is one of most beautiful coffee farm in the world and looks like a national park.

Actually, trees are helping our coffee plants, falling leaves become natural fertilize, they help protect from disease, help control humidity and more.


That’s why Don Julian has one of best coffee in the world, geisha, pacamara, and typica.


and Now...

Hacienda Don Julian is single woman, Korean-American, owned coffee farm, because   my husband passed away in  2004. It is not easy, but I wanted  to show to the world that we don’t have to destroy the environment to grow coffee.

Nature is truly priceless.

I enjoy working everyday  with happiness, because there are so many people in the world who love my coffee.

Heakyung Kang Burneskis

Hacienda Don Julian CEO